About Us

Mallorca Holiday Villas offers a wide selection of holiday homes for you and your family. With our exceptional service, you will always find the right home to enjoy your holiday. We strongly believe that the best way to ensure a memorable holiday is largely influenced by finding the perfect accommodation.

As such, we offer a great variety of properties, ranging from luxury estates in the countryside, for those who opt for peace and quiet, villas of all sizes near the sea, for those who prefer to enjoy being by the beach with family and friends, to houses in the rural villages, that allow experiencing a closer feel of the island and its people.

Our attentive team will gladly advise and assist in the selection process and rental of your property. We strive to provide the best care to ensure you find the ideal property for your holiday that fits all your needs and wishes. Besides, our highly committed staff will always be available for you during your stay in Mallorca, in order to help you with any questions you may have.

We guarantee that all of our properties have a holiday rental licence granted by the Board of Tourism, whereby high quality accommodation is ensured.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to start booking an unforgettable stay with Mallorca Holiday Villas. We are here to make your dream holiday come true.

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